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For some extra Ft13th comics, you should refer back to ones I did almost a year ago on my art blog.

I am for serious, there is a new Gunshow collection out. It collects stuff from the beginning to about here, minus the anime club parts 1 to 5. (and part 6 &7). It is a good starting point for new fans who missed out on the first two volumes I self printed and ran out of, because that is what it contains. The Volumes were called Question Hound's Puzzletorium and The Blood Cloud. Gunshow Superbook one has them both. It is an Omnibus! Please get it and thank you.

It is hard to try and make a living doing comics (I still got a day job). Michael Firman is trying to do just that with his comic MOE. You should go over and give it a read cus he is takin 2012 in a headlock and takin it to the cleaners. God speed to Moe.