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Thanks to all who came to see me at MICE this past Saturday! That was a pretty good show! I'd love to come again next year.

Now, some of you may remember or might be wondering where Gunshow volume 3 is, since I mentioned it a while back when I was going on break. Well, I sort of put it on the back-burner to get the Anime Club book done, and now that that's here, I stare back at volume 3 and realize that I'm completely sold out of Volume 1 and 2! And I have a lot of new eyes peepin' the comic who maybe never knew there was a Vol 1 or 2, so I'd like to fix that first.

I'm working on Gunshow Superbook One which will contain volumes 1 and 2 and even OLDER material all related to Gunshow. More on it later. SEE YOU WEDNESDAY FOR  CONTINUED HORSE ADVENTURES.