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doctors, color print
It's been awhile since we've seen the doctors! S'good to see them again even if they got problems with the man's stupid references.

There was a write-up recently about webcomic folk in the Boston Globe! I am mentioned in it, only briefly, but I also got to be in the main picture for the article. It was a neat experience. Thank you Jialu for the write up! I am in the pic supporting a MBMBAM shirt.

Speaking of... SUPER LINK: My Brother, My Brother and Me. I don't listen to a lot of podcasts and only follow a few really closely. MBMBAM is the one I check with every week and even re-listen to old ones. The McElroy brothers are HILARIOUS and I love the show a bunch! It is an advice show for the modern era. Check out this sampler they made of some of their best bits and then get on that show (my personal favorite episode is #55: Spaghettageddon).