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animals, color print
That's enough of these animals! Enough I say! A whole week is too much.

EXTRA COMICS: This time you have to go out of your house to find this one. A while back I was submitting comics to MAD Magazine and one finally got accepted! And it's finally out in issue 510! Go bug the local drug store, grocery shop, barnes and noble, comic book area, etc and see if they got it! It's the one with the green latern cover. I gotta write up and start submitting more now, ack!!

A quick note: It's not an official thing, not on their site or anything, but I will be pokin' around ConnectiCon this weekend! Saturday and Sunday, mainly. I'll be hanging around with Rich, Anthony and Chris at their tables (801, 803). I won't have anything on me, just hangin with "tha doods." Come around and say hi if you are already going!