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A couple of things today! One, a sort of un-announcement? I never really announced that I would be at the Calgary Expo cus I was never sure if I could make it! Now I am sure that I will NOT be able to go. I am saying this cus my name was on the site for awhile saying I was (it's not anymore). Didn't mean to confuse and sorry if you were goin to see me! FAMILY things got in the way.

 The only other show I am very sure that I will be going to this year is SPX. That's all! Sparse year, gotta get books made before I start going places or else I feel like a bum.

The second thing! A reader made a cool papercraft of the Skull of Regret from my PFSC guest comic. And now you can too! Just download the zip file on that DA page and fold fold away! I'm gonna try it out tomorrow!