The official-unofficial Gunshow mascot. He was the first guy in and he'll probably be the last guy on the sinking ship, whenever that happens.


You'll most likely spot him in background situations throughout the comic, so BE ON THE LOOK OUT!!

A group of rad dudes!!! Just kidding, it's a bunch of nerds. But we love em and their exploits anyway.


Mort (front) the leader of the group (not by committee) rules the club with a loud iron fist. Mark (back-right) wants to overthrow his rule, but he's not motivated enough to try.


Dave (back-middle) is a-ok with it as long as you leave him alone. And Clyde (back-left) is just scared of everything and wants to go home.

Possibly the worst doctors in the world. Names withheld due to legal reasons (not real legal reasons. Fake reasons inside their own comic universe, so don't email me tryin to get that scoop!!).


Characters based on the now defunct, but forever wonderful webcomic: Lucid-TV.

What a scary man! But he don't wanna hurt ya. Not yet. He wants to tell ya a story!


Our-4th-wall-breaking host of Tales from a Creep brings a new and TERRIFYING tale of the supernatural and/or horror! Most people wonder why he is the hairy criminal when he certainly doesn't look that hairy.


When asked, Mr. HC usually replies: "You don't wanna see the parts of me that are."

Check out that dog.

A coupla real pals!! JUST KIDDING AGAIN, I GOT YOU A SECOND TIME! They are forever enemies and here's the horrifying reason:


The shorter one usually has a pile of carrots he won't share with the taller one!


That's all you really need to know about these chumps!

The fucking author of the goddamn comic!! Watch out for his ugly mug from time to time. Hair constantly changing, cus I just can't make up my mind! Ugh!

Possibly the worst character in Gunshow History. Who let this smug, cocky, asshole in here? Don't tell your parents you saw this, and if you're a parent, don't tell your children, and if you are a child, then what the hell are you doing here!! Get out!