A Shrek Zine made by Dave, John, and KC. We watched all four Shrek movies,

paused every 10 minutes, and drew a picture. Collected for you in a 32 page zine are

those drawings. You can read it for free by clickin on the link below.

And if you donate a least a dollar or more, you can get a higher-res pdf of the zine

as well as a zip of all the individual drawings by themselves to peruse and enjoy.

You can donate below. After donating, click the yellow button that says "return to donations coordinator"

and it should take you to the right place. Might not be automatic.


the preorders are done for the 2nd run of SA. Thank you if you did preorder!

You can still read it for free above or donate to get the hi res files.

We will now make the comics and staple and cut and fold and etc. We also have to wait for the

stickers to get in for both the first run people and 2nd run, since it was a last minute idea.

They should hopefully get it next week, I apologize for that delay.

We'll update here when everything is shipped or you can follow us on twitter to hear update & jokes.


If you have any questions or problems w/ donating or gettin the hi res stuff ETC,

please contact kc for help at kc@gunshowcomic.com

Please give us a week or so to get all the physical copy orders ready to go.

You will be rewarded with a sweet book and an extra surprise.

Examples from the zine are below:

Thank you for your time.